Rom 8 Filling the tank is victory in Jesus. A study for the seriously religious. by Douglas

As we study Romans, if we forget where we have been and don’t understand where we are going, we can come to the wrong conclusions. Remember that the first chapters had everyone convicted of sin, but Jesus died so we would be justified. This seemed to leave the law nullified, except that salvation by faith... Continue Reading →

Rom 7: Blessed with all the Gifts of God and totally powerless to use them. A Blog for the Seriously Spiritual by Douglas

  Imagine that you were given a car, but it wouldn’t start. Then someone said, you need a new alternator, so you put it in but it still balked at starting. Next, a friend suggested better tires. A mechanic said the new advanced computer control system, and finally the parts store suggested their top of... Continue Reading →

Rom 6; What Would you Do if You had a Permanent Get Out of Jail Free Card? A Study for the Seriously Religious by Douglas

Let us review the first five chapters of Romans. Ch 1. God’s wrath is revealed against mankind, because they knew God, but chose to reject Him. God gave them over to their lusts. God gave us the law, which showed us how to get to heaven. We just had to obey the Law completely. Ch... Continue Reading →

Romans 5: The Mountain: Jesus’ Resurrection is better than His Death. A Study for the Seriously Religious

Now that we have seen that 1) everyone, no matter what he knows, is guilty, and that 2) the justification purchased by Jesus’ death is available to everyone, not just Jews, we are ready for the next great mountaintop. Paul gives us four ways that Jesus life affects us, now that His death cleared the... Continue Reading →

Rom 4 Does Justification by Faith Contradict the Old Testament? A Study for the Seriously Religious

One sharp man wondered about my study of Romans, since it contradicts the Old Testament. This question of contradiction is truly a key to understanding this chapter. In the past, being a modern Christian, I have wondered, “Why does Paul insert this unnecessary chapter?” When Paul wrote, most Christians were Jews, and the Jews, Christian... Continue Reading →

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