Ghost Tours

I was talking with a nice couple at the Bed and Breakfast in Savannah when they asked me if I was going to go on a ghost tour. I thought carefully about what to say. I could launch into a rant against such things. Instead, I could be wishy-washy about them and talk about how our time would be full with other planned activities. I quickly prayed for wisdom on what to say.

Now, I had read about Corrie Ten Boom (The Hiding Place) and her response. She likened it to enemy patrols accidentally encountering a stronger force. They couldn’t say excuse me and leave, but would be taken captive. She talked to these people and they could not accept Jesus. She had them confess each time they consulted spirits, and after they had they would be free. A fortune teller took a long time to be free. I’ve seen people get trapped by what they thought was innocent fun. I even had a friend be freed of demon possession, so I’m careful. What I said, is that my wife and I are ministers, so we don’t go to those things. We then discussed the fake ghost stuff that many people do to make a profit, and the real demons, such as Jesus encountered.

“Were we not allowed to go on these things?” they asked? This lead to a discussion about Christians and the law. If a Christian gets stuck on any set of laws, he is a fool and bewitched, fallen from grace, says Galatians. Instead, when one prays, he aligns his heart with the heart of God. As his heart gets changed to be more like Jesus, he feels the love of God for all people. That love causes him to do what the law demands and more. This is like a child who is told to clean the living room and cleans to the minimal standard the parent demands vs the child who is told, “Tomorrow is mom’s birthday, let’s clean and decorate the living room.” Love causes the child to do way more that the law demands.

Therefore, I could go on one of these tours, and in fact, I have no fear of dealing with evil spirits, but a healthy respect for the power. Love for other people keeps me away from these activities so I don’t end up encouraging others to endanger themselves. What these people I was talking to learned was to trust God. One does not earn anything from God (by obeying laws or anything else,) but realize that God has promised to supply us with everything we need for holiness. We don’t believe like the man who believes airplanes can fly but refuses to get on. We trust and get on the plane peacefully, trusting the pilot to get us there.

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