Rom 4 Does Justification by Faith Contradict the Old Testament? A Study for the Seriously Religious

One sharp man wondered about my study of Romans, since it contradicts the Old Testament. This question of contradiction is truly a key to understanding this chapter. In the past, being a modern Christian, I have wondered, “Why does Paul insert this unnecessary chapter?” When Paul wrote, most Christians were Jews, and the Jews, Christian... Continue Reading →

Romans 3 The Peak of Despondency Lit by a Ray of Sunshine. A Study for the Seriously Religious.

  Romans 2 leaves off seeming to condemn the Jews the most. Paul starts there, and starts the questions that he’ll continues in the next few chapters. He quickly, though, goes to the conclusion that he has been headed toward in chapters 1 & 2. Since this conclusion, this peak, only leads to despair, he... Continue Reading →

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