Giving the Forest Back to the Animals: Twittering Tales October 1, 2019

Photo by David "Look, Mama, a bear!" declared young Jonathan from the backseat! I cried, as I watched the animal roaming free in his natural habitat. Cutting down trees for houses and strip malls has ended. Giving the forest back to the animals is the most humane gesture we have ever made. (276 characters)... Continue Reading →

Thank Goodness for a Vegetarian Dragon! Twittering Tales #151

Mashup of photos by pendleburyannette (dragon) and MichaelGaida (forest) at Walking through the forest, Kane saw a beautiful blue dragon. As Kane started to take flight on nimble feet, the dragon told him that he no longer found humans delicious. Their intransigence caused him indigestion. His blue color came from the blueberries he ate,... Continue Reading →

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