Four Voices

I came home to find my wife curled up, having done nothing all day. Instead of giving in to anger, I asked. (It is so hard for one like me to hear that a healthy looking person has a physical problem.) She had another massive headache. We had been to the doctors, with each specialty suggesting that specialty’s answer, but nothing worked. Finally, following a migraine diet, then adding each problem food back, one per week, we found it was peanut butter. Her physical voice has made her tender to other people who are sick. I who have been healthy all my life hear a much more confident physical voice, making me more insensitive to others’ problems. The other three voices have similar duality

I met a lady on one of these blogs. Though she is stunningly beautiful so you thought she would have no problems, she felt an inner negative, a lack. As a result she became anorexic. Thankfully, She fought and overcame that, and is trying to help others struggling with similar problems. Others, who feel strong in the emotional voice are often critical. I have heard people say, “I have made it. You just need to stop your whining and get out and do it.” They don’t understand that this negative emotional voice has grown over years, and it takes years to heal.

One sad incident that touched my children’s lives involved the world voice. The good people of the High School (Cheerleaders and Jocks) decided which people were at the bottom of the totem pole and picked on them. One girl who had shaved her head heard the voice of the world saying she was worthless and hung herself. The good people were so full of remorse that they shaved Barbie dolls and hung them from nooses on their belts. It is amazing how proud, self-righteous and insensitive the strong can be.

The final voice is the spiritual. Satan the accuser asked for the right to sift Job. He jumps to the works. Job is accused of failing God, failing to do some work or another, and that is the cause of his troubles. Many of us know that we have failed to obey all God’s laws and feel worthless, trying to do more works to regain God’s blessing. Others are so sure of their self-righteousness that they persecute others. God, though, reverses the voice. He declares us beautiful, righteous, and worthwhile. We become these things when we accept Jesus by faith. But, because we didn’t earn these things by good works, we can’t feel self-righteous. As a result, we both feel strong and sensitive because we are a fellow weak person. God’s voice makes the strong feel weak and the weak feel strong. His voice gives healing and overcomes all four voices.

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