A Woman’s Place?

Some say, “Women shouldn’t teach or lead in the Church.” Again, this has so many problems. First, it says, “I do not allow …” Those some say, “Each and every word is inspired by God.”  Then they act like those words accidentally got in the Bible. In Saudi Arabia, liberal men say that women have to wear long sleeve tops and long lower garments, not because they believe it necessary but to avoid antagonizing the Saudi people. Paul could have had a similar reason to not antagonize the misogynist Greeks. The Bible clearly says it is not a command of God but a command of Paul. Second is the “who teaches who” issue. Here, it says women should not teach men. OK, but then in Titus, it says, “Older women are to train younger women.” It commands older women to teach women, but those “some” cheerfully ignore the command and give men the job of teaching younger women.

Then some say, “Women shouldn’t lead or be in authority over men.” Therefore they justify giving women no authority. It doesn’t say that. In fact, in the commands for deacons, the Greek for uses the masculine for deacons and it is translated male deacons, but as soon as the Greek uses the feminine, “female Deacons” it is translated Deacon’s wives. Similarly, older men is translated “Elders”, a official church job, but then the Greek word for older women is never translated “Elderesses” For consistency, if it is Elders, it must be Elderesses.

Finally some say the only elder in the church is the Pastor, OK you have just said that some churches have women Pastors.

In closing, I want you to pay attention to those words like Paul’s “I say” Every passage Paul gives on women has them. It seems clear that Paul didn’t hate women, but he was giving commands that made the church fit into Greek culture. Remember if commands are to a specific situation, it isn’t for all situations. Otherwise the command to Abraham to kill his son must be obeyed by all. Obviously we shouldn’t obey the command and kill our children. Neither should we obey commands where God inspires such words as “This is not God’s command but mine.” (if you want any scripture references, leave a comment)

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