Three Enemies

Sam picked up a scrap piece of wood that had a sharp end and was about to stab Tim in the back when Mary noticed and screamed. Tim turned around and grabbed Sam’s wrist and cast out the demon. Sam jerked back, and after some more convulsions, came to. It had started so innocently, they were painting a downstairs of a Christian Bookstore to look like scenes from the Narnia stories. All claimed to be saved, and because they were all my friends, I listened to their stories of the event. This was only curable by the power of God.

This was so different from what happened to my friend, Mark. Mark was a faithful member of a church that helped send me out as a missionary. He was also a mamber of the military, in good standing. One night, he felt led to pray, close his eyes, and drive across the military base guided by faith. Needless to say, he ended up in the middle of a field. I visited him at the mental health facility and talked about walking by faith. Slowly, as he talked, and opened parts of his life to the light, he was healed.

I have previously talked about Charlie. I noticed that in the morning, when he got up, his head hung down so low that I saw the back of his neck, not his face. I found out that giving him a glass of orange juice half an hour before breakfast enabled him to hold his head high. Slowly, I realized that his craziness was completely controlled by his blood sugar levels. As I taught him about eating right and avoiding sugary foods, he began to grow spiritually.

Let’s get real folks. There are three enemies, the world, the flesh, and the devil (1 John 2:16, James 3:15) Spiritual problems, such as Sam’s, can only be solved with spiritual solutions, with immediate healing. This is not fake Demon possession, such as “He has the demon of … (fear, etc.) Worldly problems, such as Mark’s, that come from traumatic times (bad childhood, marriage, war), is something that God heals over time, as one opens that part of life to Him, and can be facilitated by experts, such as Psychiatrists. Charlie’s problems, being physical, are almost never cured by God (how many blind people regain their sight instantaneously?) Here, God teaches people to be victorious in the situation. Again, we need to work with experts like doctors. Like this picture of a hotel that a hurricane damaged, but infighting  destroyed, no problem is purely one category, but usually one is dominant. As long as we don’t reject the help available, and demand that God alone heals, but use whatever resource appropriate along with God, He gives healing and victory in all these situations.

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