A ChildLike Faith

Parent Tossing Child

I always cringe when I see grownups throwing children into the air or swinging them around by their arms. I hold my breath until the children are safely back in their parents’ hands or on their own feet. While I am scared that the parents will drop the children and cause major physical injuries, all you can hear are the giggles and laughter of the children.

Children demonstrate such faith in their parents that they are not even a little bit afraid of falling! The children seem to trust their parents so much that they do not even consider that they are in danger. They do not worry about being injured; rather, they concentrate on enjoying the fun of it, believing that they are safe in their parents’ care.

That is the type of childlike faith that I believe that Jesus spoke of to his disciples when he said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children” (Matthew 19: 14). Jesus saw how children, without any guile, came to Him wholeheartedly, feeling His love for them. Children seemed to trust this man called Jesus, and they came to Him without expectations of getting or receiving anything but His blessings and love.

When the disciples tried to discourage the children from bothering Jesus, they must have forgotten that Jesus had recently used a child to help them understand what it took to get into the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 8: 1-6. The disciples had been questioning Jesus regarding which of them would be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, and Jesus advised them to turn from their sins and become like little children. For me, this means being humble, trusting in God the Father and Jesus the Son without reservations, having a sincere heart without any guile, and accepting Christ Jesus as our Savior with no expectations of earning greatness, wealth, or fame from our work to edify the Body of Christ.

Never have I heard a child ask a parent for references before they allowed them to throw them up or swing them around. Unlike adults, children place their faith in their parents, without any evidence that they should, and, sometimes, they believe in their parents even when others do not think that they should. That is what God calls us to do. When troubles come into our lives, God asks us not to panic or believe that He will drop us as He carries us through them. Instead, he asks us to show a childlike faith in Him, remaining joyful even when the world is spinning all around us.

I must confess that I am a worrier, and I struggle to put my trust in God first, mainly because I am also a perfectionist and want things fixed my way. It causes me unnecessary stress and sorrow. But, I am working on it. What other qualities do you think demonstrates a childlike faith? Which qualities of being like a child do you struggle with? Remember, we are all a work in progress, and once we become adults, we often lose those childlike features. It’s too bad, because every once in a while, I wish I could demonstrate the faith those children have in their parents, and just enjoy life as it comes without worrying about what’s next.

Father in Heaven,

      You have never failed me. Even when I thought I was alone or that You were not listening, all of a sudden, change would come, and I would learn that You really know what’s best for me. Help me to increase my trust and decrease my unbelief. I know you can do all things, but, sometimes, I just forget when trials come. Help me build a childlike faith that does not question that You are able to help, no matter what the problem, even something as trivial as where I laid my keys. I am Your child, and I love you. To You be glory and honor forever. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


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