It was while riding in the backseat of an old car down a mountainside in a bad rainstorm with no windshield wipers that I became convinced of the reality of God’s promises in Isaiah 65:24: I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! I went to be a witness for two fellow college students who planned to get married in the hometown of the groom-to-be, which happened to be up in the mountains of Tennessee. I am afraid of heights, so I was looking forward to getting there and getting back to flat land in Chattanooga.

As it turned out, there was a three-day wait between applying for a marriage license and getting married, so we just visited with his family.  Therefore, it was nearly dark as we started down the mountain. When the rain started, I asked my male friend why he did not use his windshield wipers to help him see better, and he told me that the wipers had not worked for months! That’s when I started getting a little scared.

At first, no windshield wipers was not an issue, because we could still see ahead of us a good distance. But then, the rain started coming fast and strong, and neither of us could see hardly anything in front of us but the red lights on the back of the big rig in front of us. When darkness descended, he tried to see with his window down. But, the big rig in front of us was kicking up so much water that he had to raise the window up. All I knew was that there were no guardrails to stop our momentum if we got too close to the edge of the mountain. So, as we kept driving, I got increasingly scared of going over the mountain to our deaths.

I was the only Christian in the car, and I was not particularly good about praying.  But, I closed my eyes, and I envisioned those wipers going back and forth. I don’t remember all of what I prayed, but I very silently started to call on God for a miracle. My friends saw me praying earnestly, and although they thought it was useless, they did not make fun of me or ask me to stop. I think they were scared, too, and hoping for any kind of miracle.

After what seemed like hours of praying, but I think was less than ten to fifteen minutes of praying, the windshield wipers started working! We were all shocked, but grateful, because we were near the edge of the mountain. My friend swung the car away from the edge just in time! The two of them looked at me in the backseat, and the driver said, “Boy, that must have been some prayer!”

I sat and watched in awe and gratitude to God as those windshield wipers went back and forth all the way back to Chattanooga. By the time they arrived at my house, the rain had stopped considerably, but the wipers were still working.

They say that seeing is believing, and it is true. God answered my prayer while I was still praying, and I became convinced of two things. First, God really hears our prayers. I cannot explain how he hears to you, but I know that He does. Second, there is nothing too hard for God to do, because He has truly overcome the natural world. So, do not ask me how the wipers started working. There was no earthly explanation. When I saw my friend a few months later, he told me that the wipers stopped working that night and they never worked again up until he sold the car.

They were still in awe of my praying, but I knew that it was not the quality of my prayer that started those wipers to working, but it was the faithfulness of the One to whom I was praying. They needed to be in awe of the God who created all three of us. I believe that both of my friends were changed that night, because I was. I became convinced that God’s words are truth, and that our faith must be based on His promises.

Dear Abba, Father, in Heaven,

   I still remember the night the wipers started out of nowhere. I remember the lesson I learned that night: God hears and answers prayers, sometimes while we are still praying. Our website is based on the belief, O God, that you are with us flawed humans from birth to old age. I was convinced that night, and I am still convinced that nothing is impossible for you. Let your will be done in our lives. Hear our prayers, O Lord, and incline thine ears unto us and grant us your peace. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


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