Eagle’s Wings

I was backpacking. It was a long uphill trail. My legs were getting very rubbery. Then I looked up and saw an eagle soaring effortlessly uphill. It simply spread its wings and the updrafts lifted it higher and higher. It didn’t have to do anything. Oh how I wished I had eagle’s wings that day. Finally, I arrived at a creek. I was so tired that I made a simple camp on a rocky uncomfortable site. Mosquitoes ate me up, and it rained on me that night. The next morning, having had a miserable nights sleep, I started hiking again. A short while later, I came on a pleasant campsite with a soft place to sleep and a fire ring. I thought, a little faith and I could have slept here. Hiking further, I found a delightful campsite with sitting logs by a fire ring. OK, God, I get it. Again, slightly further, I came across the Cadillac of campgrounds, with covered eating and sleeping areas, even including a table. God said, “See, I had eagle’s wings for you. Just trust me, and I will provide your needs without you having to flap your wings.

Just look at the Israelites leaving Egypt. They get to the Red Sea and see that they are trapped by the Egyptian army and about to die. They complain, but God says, “Just watch.” He splits the sea with an east wind, They cross on dry land, and the Egyptians try to follow, but drown. A few days later, the arrive at a spring, find it poisonous, complain that they are about to die. God says, “Just Watch.” He makes the water drinkable, and the next day He leads them to the Cadillac of springs. A couple weeks later, they complain that they are starving to death. God says, “Just Watch.” He plies them with Quails and Manna. Then they get close to Mt Sinai. There is no water and they complain yet again. Again, God says, “Just Watch.” He has Moses strike a rock and out flows water. The next day, they arrive at Mt Sinai and God says, “I carried you on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself.” Like me they hadn’t trusted God, yet God had the answer for their needs all prepared in a way that took no effort on their parts.

Recently, Regina was feeling frustrated that she hadn’t been able to preach recently. That day, the Pastor said to her, “I’m tired. Would you preach the message you gave to the retirement home to church tomorrow morning?” I looked at her and said, “God is saying,’Just Watch.’”

Have you been stretching you eagle’s wings or have you been fussing?

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