The Little Bug that Took Down Two Bloggers

The flu is epidemic in our part of he world, and having taken a flu shot, I assumed that Douglas and I were immune from the flu bug. But, alas, we were not! Douglas came home early last Saturday, which was telling in itself. Douglas’ picture should be next to the word hardworking in the dictionary. He does more than give 8 hours work for 8 hours pay.  He cannot sit for more than an hour or so at a time, or his leg starts to shake. When both start to shake, I tell him to go outside and walk around, especially if we are in church, as it unnerves the people sitting near us.

So, you can guess that because of his need for constant movement and doing, he is loved at work, and he has won so many awards that I have lost count of them. He is the original worker bee. So, for him to come home with two hours on his shift, I knew the weekend would be challenging (Ladies, you understand what I mean!). Douglas reverts to a ten year old when ill, so my prayer is always, “Please don’t let Douglas get sick!” And when he asked me to drive him to urgent care, I knew he was very sick. Douglas is a little scared of my driving.

Yes, he has the flu. As I was waiting for him to finish seeing the doctor, I started to cough and felt feverish, and I thought, “I have heard of men having sympathy pains with the pregnant wives, but never sympathy pains for the flu! This is ridiculous!” I knew that I had to put steel in my back and a smile on my face and take care of Douglas. And for two days I did. Then, on Tuesday, I woke up with a really high fever and feeling like a train had run over me, so it was my time for the doctor. Poor Douglas had to drive me. We could have become rich on the tape of his driving while not feeling so good. This is when you question living so far from your children and grandchildren.

Yes, I have the flu, too! The doctor told me that, although the test was negative, she believes I had the flu. Douglas says that the doctor is wrong! He is the only one in the house with the illness; I just have a cold. Why are some men so competitive, even down to who is more sick! I am going with the person with years more medical school and experience.

So, this week has been stressful, as we struggle to take care of each other. Both of us are hugging the bed or couch. I have lost 4 pounds this week, which is somewhat of a bonus, considering the doctor found it necessary to tell me I was overweight. Who cares about your weight when you feel like you are dying?!

When I try to defy my body, it wins, and I have to go back to bed for even longer. It stinks! Our whole lives have stopped, including blogging. I shutter to think what I might have written even yesterday when my senses were so not working! Today, I wanted to let everyone know that is why no new posts, and I expect that it will be sometime next week before I start again. I missed the Psalm Wednesday and look forward to studying and starting over, hopefully by next Wednesday.

Lastly, it seems that on Tuesday, our refrigerator also was hit by the flu bug, because it refuses to cool or freeze. Just when you need ice cold apple juice in gallons, the icebox stops working. I could not believe it, and it will be next Tuesday, nearly a full week, before someone can come to fix it. Thankfully, we had not sold our old refrigerator, and the food is in the garage.

That goes a long way in explaining to you the weight loss, I can tell you! It is too cold out there these days, so just crackers and water, please, or non-perishable items.  The thing is only 14 months old, and because we have already had one major thing fixed on it, I think we have a lemon on our hands, and Douglas does not pay for appliance insurance. Oh Yay! But, that’s life, isn’t it? Troubles come sometimes in twos or threes, but we survive them all, eventually. I have learned to just stay mellow and watch God work.

Well, the bed is calling my name. Not as young as I used to be. Admittedly, the flu scared me because people, including children, are dying here in America from the disease. So, I do not take it lightly and will not trivialize the danger that this illness can wreak on a family. We feel blessed, as we continue to slowly, but surely, heal. Boy, I did not know how much I missed writing until now! Take care, my friends, and soon I will be regaling you once again, God willing!

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  1. I noted this is today’s date….I hope you feel better soon.
    I loved your post about going back to school and then traveling. I love learning (school) and traveling I just have a hard time getting from point A to point B; I ALWAYS ask for ‘guidance’ when I pray, “guidance” as in, place the path, choice, etc. right in my lap because I am apt to miss it. Nothing is ever so clear as it appeared to be in your experience.
    Take care Friend


    1. You know, it is not as easy as it sounds, but I had to learn to listen to the messages in my spirit and know that they were from God, and not my own rambling thoughts. I did not for a long time, because I expected God to talk to me like you and I would talk, mainly because that was what other people made it sound like, so I thought that I must have a bad relationship with Him. And even times when I could feel Him saying No, I would marry anyway, because I was lonely.
      But thank goodness He helped me endure the pain and suffering that He tried to get me to avoid.
      I cannot explain it. It’s like trying to explain the wind, as Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:8. I wish that I could sit at Jesus’s feet and actually talk to Him, but that is not how God planned it, so Listen to your spirit, and what it hungers for, believing that your Father in Heaven will confirm through others exactly what he is saying to you. It may not just drop in your lap. But, just like you know you have found the right dress for a party, and could never explain how you just knew, that is how it has been for me. I feel blessed.

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  2. I feel linked to you as I and my family are snuggling/battling our way to health. This flu is like a storm hitting on every side. It starts one place and then comes at you from another angle, and then throws in a surprise as it developes. I kept saying, I’m done with this one aspect, I’m getting better. Then the fever kicked in with another symptom. And undergirding it all, the fatigue…and as you say, the incoherent thoughts that find their way to my lips!!! I cringe a little thinking of what I said just before realizing I wasn’t really on top of things and retreating home to recover…
    A sisterly hug and hope that you will find the strength to write freely in the week ahead.
    PS We also had a shortlived refrigerator that didn’t live beyond 3 years when its predecessor had given us 16 years faithful service. It just makes you wonder!


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