Home Can Be Wherever I Am

Two months ago, I could not wait to get “home.” I was ready for the comfort of my house and views from my windows. As the plane landed in Nashville, I nearly bowed down and kissed the ground, so glad to be back in those old familiar places. It had been lovely in Portugal, but I wanted to be among my own things.

Now, as wanderlust has settled deep within my soul, I find myself questioning how do we come to see only one location as the place to return to, rather than comprehending that the whole world can be considered our home. Maybe it starts with parents relating that we can always come home, when we come of an age to leave and find our own way in the world. It is certainly speaks of love, and just knowing that someone is always waiting for us generates feelings of value and worth.

And yes, I have enjoyed being back among friends and church members, visiting children and grandchildren, and spending time at our favorite restaurants and other places of interests to Douglas and me. But, something is missing, and as I find myself daily bringing to Douglas’s attention car trips to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, river cruises down the Danube River, and walking tours all over Europe and Asia, I realize that I have not seen enough of the world to know where home actually might be.

I have subscribed to every online tour company, and Globus is running me batty with so many emails.  The challenge is to decide just where to go next. Each day, I drool as I look at pictures of faraway places that seem to be calling my name and read numerous travel blogs. I will need a new keyboard soon!

I long to sit cramped in an airplane with many other strangers, grabbing and holding tight to Douglas’s hand, white-knuckled, as I feel the awesome power of an airplane speeding down the runway at what seems like 1000 miles an hour wash over me. What joy I experience when I hear the bump and the plane starts upward into the sky! Yahoo, we are on our way to new adventures and new memories!

I miss the thrill of arriving, although every time I worry that the plane’s brakes might fail and we will keep going right through the airport. But, thanks be to God, the plane has stopped every time. As I wait for the doors of the airplane to open and the travelers ahead in the comfortable seats to disembark, my excitement builds at the possibilities of everything we will see and do in this wonderful place.

I have come to understand that there is something wonderful to see and experience in every location in the world, because there are people there with lives that have something to teach me. So, I look up in the sky these days at the contrails of airplanes overhead, and I wished I were aboard, no matter where the plane is headed, but preferably somewhere far away and very different from where I am right now.

Yes, I have it bad! I told Douglas the old day that we should just sell the house, take the proceeds and travel  across the globe. Then, when we find a place that seems to fit both of our personalities, we can settle down, whether that is in Budapest, Croatia,  Ireland, Italy, the coast of Oregon, or the shores of Maine.

Probably, most important in regards to the whole world being home is that we can worship God anywhere, for He is omnipresent. I am always amazed at the similarity of worship in the various places where we have traveled and attended worship services.

People everywhere have that same expressions of quiet joy in the presence of God, and love abounds as we feel the same peace and goodness. People smile at each other, and for a few moments, we are family, and neither culture, race, nor ethnicity makes a difference, for we all are preparing for our heavenly home. Now, that will really be a trip home to remember!

Ragtag Prompt is Challenge. Fandango Prompt is Expression. Word of the Day Challenge prompt is Wanderlust. Daily Addiction prompt is Generate.

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  1. May the Good Shepherd bring you into rich meadows and by still waters, as he leads you and Doug in paths of righteousness. God directs your steps and will show you the right place. Abundant blessings!

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