Just One Light, PLEASE!

I decided to try the August writing prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt. I have not written fiction, but decided to give it a go.

Just One Light, PLEASE!

Julie said goodbye to her new British friends, deciding to take a shortcut through the forest for a little solitude. Not really paying attention to the time, she did not realize that it would be dark soon, and that maybe this wasn’t the best time to be alone in an unfamiliar place.

As she loped along, she thought about all of the drama that was awaiting her when she returned home. Would her parents ever understand that sometimes she just needed to be alone, and that traveling alone did not mean that she loved her family any less? It was such freedom to move about without a lot of discussion, and then having to give in to the wants of others, because she hated disappointing people. She could not get them to accept that she was not being anti-social, but pro-herself.

She was so deeply into thinking of how to tell them how she felt that the dreaded darkness swooped in upon her like a vulture attracted to a dead carcass. The blackness was so complete that she could not even see her feet. She had no idea that it could get so dark so fast! Paralyzed by fear of what was hiding in the darkness of this unknown part of London, she stood stock still, not moving an inch, to avoid coming to the attention of the predators lurking in the blackness.

She was brave in the daylight, riding buses and taxis all over the cities that she visited. But, she could not tell anyone what the nightlife was like, for when the sun started to go down, she headed for the safety of her hotel room. Oh, what to do!

Knowing that she could not stay there all night, she started to gingerly feel her way, taking baby steps, one at a time. Tears streamed down her face, and she just knew that death was imminent. She heard every movement as little animals skittered away into the trees, magnifying the sounds in her terror.

Then she heard it! Footsteps of something or someone bigger than a raccoon or a squirrel, and it was headed towards her! She thought, “Oh, Goodness, someone help me, Please!” Then, she saw it! One lonely lantern with its feeble rays of light, but enough to dispel some of the darkness, allowing her to see her way. She went towards the light, and oh, the joy she felt when attached to the hand holding the lantern was one of her new friends, Rodney!

As she hugged him in her joy, he told her that he was concerned that she was in the forest alone, so he returned with a lantern. As her heartbeat slowed, she warned him that there was something huge coming toward them, so they should really run! He told her that she was being fanciful!

Then, out of the darkness came a lone woman, and they both jumped! The woman had also been attracted to the feeble light. She was as terrified as Julie, for she had thought that what she had heard thrashing through the darkness was an ogre who was about to set upon her. But now she knew that it was just Julie’s footsteps!

As the three of them walked out of the forest, the sweetness of their laughter hid the pure terror that each woman had felt as the night seemed to encase them. Both women were embarrassed that they had let their imaginations run wild,  both speaking at once on how silly they both were. So, neither of three of them saw the large dark, hair-covered ogre walk out of the blackness, scowling and angry, frustrated that he had been thwarted not once but twice over on this night!


August Writing Prompts One Lonely Lantern

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