Is the Love of Travel in the Genes?

My grandson leaves Tuesday for six days in Croatia, three days in London, one day in Ibiza (don’t even know where that is!) and three days on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I think. He sent me a text on Friday asking if he should go to the Amalfi Coast or Cannes. I told him that, because he is still relatively young, I thought Cannes would be more to his liking, as there are the “beautiful” people, but I would rather go to the Amalfi Coast. It appears that he is going to the Amalfi Coast after all (like grandmother, like grandson?).

It is so wonderful to have a grandchild who enjoys traveling as much as I do. I wonder if love of travel might be genetic? He travels more than Douglas and I do. This year alone, he has been to Dubai, London for a football game, Barcelona, Japan, and the Caribbean. He produces music videos, so he has to travel for his job as well. He has seen places that I have only dreamed of seeing, and he sends such wonderful pictures of these places.

I asked about the possibility of us traveling together some day, and he gave me some vague reply like, “Yeah, that would be fun!” But he has not committed to a when and where, and I detect that the desire to travel with Grandma Gina may not be as deep as I would like. I can think of a couple of reasons why he hesitates to hit the friendly skies with his grandmother.

I am a teetotaler, and I cannot abide alcohol on people’s breath. Tay likes to drink with his friends. I have a reputation in the family of letting people know when I think that they have had enough to drink. In fact, my kids generally have Douglas and me come early to eat on holidays, so that we can leave early, and they can start drinking and really enjoying the holidays.

Tay may remember that I am somewhat of a buzz killer, and so, it could get a bit awkward if we met a group of young people his age, and he doesn’t feel free to drink with his new friends. The number of potential pick-ups for the evening may contract, as few people want to date someone whose grandmother is treating him like he is still a child.

Also, I am usually in bed, even on vacation, by 10:00PM, which for a young man in his thirties is just when the fun begins. I would imagine that Tay would think that he would have to go to bed just when the nightlife gets busy,  Of course, I would tell him to go have a good time, but he may feel obligated to watch over me. He would miss the best shows.

To ensure he doesn’t miss a lot, I would just stay up late and go with him, but then, considering what I wrote above, Tay may just try to get me to go to bed early.  I can just hear him, “Grandma Gina, I don’t want you to miss our important sleep, so I can just go alone. No problem!” Okay, I get the hint! My ego will not be hurt if he wants to party alone!

Yet, I am still hoping to that he and I will have an opportunity to travel together. We will write up a contract that details that he is not responsible for me, and that we are both free to do whatever we want without the other interfering in their fun. Separate staterooms would be a must, so that I do not wake him up, if by chance I stay out a little later than he does, which I seriously doubt would happen!

Having a grandchild who enjoys travel as much as I do is a great feeling. None of my children seemed to want to travel, so I hoped that maybe I would have a grandchild or two who might want to travel somewhere together some day.  I shared my stories with the grandkids, and Tay had me bring him magnets from the places I visited, so I am not surprised he caught the travel bug.  Now if I could just get him to commit to a trip, and oh, yes, to pay for it, too!

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