Mom, the World’s Greatest Spy!

I have loved novels and movies about spying for many years. Authors like Robert Ludlum, Tom CLancy, and John le Carre entertained me with thousands of hours of non-stop espionage. While some females in my generation wanted to be “Bond girls” and be romanced by James Bond, Agent 007, I dreamed of being Agent 007.

What at great life spies seemed to live, aside from always being on the precipice of dying at the hands of a minion from an evil empire. The cool rides, cooler clothes, and the coolest cars were a draw for me to escape the confines of parenting and spend my days saving lives and ensuring the freedoms of all people in the world.

With the aid of technological gadgets, I would be able to cook dinner and stop any of the bad guys from stealing military secrets with the same pots and pans. With the trusty kitchen tools, I would slice and dice my way through international villains in ways unimaginable and unbelievable, but highly effective. I would discard of my enemies in humane ways, not killing anyone. I would just put them to work on school or church committees, causing them to run screaming for their lives.

There would not be any situations that I could not handle, including runny noses, missed school buses, lost lunches, stealing of state secrets, or attempts to hack the electrical grid. They would be all the same to me, with my extraordinary ability to plait hair before school, fly to Paris and negotiate a hostage standoff during lunch, and still get back in time to attend the school play. I would be able to help my children with the geography lessons, having spied on all seven continents.

But, alas, I was destined to simply read of the escapades of great spymasters, but my life has been full and exciting, nonetheless. Unlike ten of the spies Joshua sent on a reconnaissance of the Promised Land, I have taken risks and tried new adventures because I believed that there was nothing too hard for God and that no matter where I was in the world, Jesus was with me, ready to send angels to my rescue. That knowledge alone made me feel invincible and more than a conqueror.

The Psalm Wednesday will return next week, as we are traveling. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of the blog!

Daily Addictions prompt is Humane. Fandango Prompt is Handle. Ragtag prompt is Freedoms. Word of the Day Challenge prompt is Spying.


4 thoughts on “Mom, the World’s Greatest Spy!

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  1. Excellent. I think Mothers make the best spies because they have a sixth sense for when people are telling the truth or not 😉 At least mine can. She would just look at me and know.

    I think in general women make the best spies as Men (In general) may be detached from their emotions they can be controlled by them whereas women (In general) who are aware of their feeling have greater control over them.

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