Voting is Everything in A Democracy: Weekend Writing Prompt

In a crucible of our democractic right to vote, Acts by fringe groups tried to take an axe The principle of the nation: one voice, one vote, But, thankfully police turned back the attack! Complacent being complaisant to a despots's will, They entered Congress's halls without warning, Intent on ravishing people who certify the votes,... Continue Reading →

Wordle #207: Living in Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea

Walking down the streets of the English village of Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea is quite an experience. Behaviors that usually draw stares from passersby in other cities are perfectly acceptable here.  Take the case of Miss Quicker, the town librarian. She is always decorous in her manners, but she thinks nothing of dressing like a clown, complete with... Continue Reading →

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