Wordle #207: Living in Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea

Walking down the streets of the English village of Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea is quite an experience. Behaviors that usually draw stares from passersby in other cities are perfectly acceptable here.  Take the case of Miss Quicker, the town librarian. She is always decorous in her manners, but she thinks nothing of dressing like a clown, complete with a big red nose, to do her weekly shopping, and it is perfectly alright with her neighbors.

No one pesters her to dress appropriately for her station in life, so she is able to freely be herself, and in the final analysis, isn’t that what all of us want? Certainly that is how Mr. Jake sees it, for he loves going underwater to scuba dive, and it saves him so much time to be able to wear his mask, fins, and snorkel to work at the crutch factory.

These are not token examples of peculiar people in Ravenscroft-on-the Sea, as everyone is liberated from conformist ideas on how people should act or what they should wear. It is a place where people do not have to falsify who they are; instead, everyone can comfortably be themselves.

As expected, there is the one nosy-posy in the mix, Mrs. Piggery, who is forever trying to correct others and make them live as she sees fit. However, she is hemmablind to the fact that she lives in a pigsty of her own making. She wears marigold dresses with a pinfeather attached to the bodice, appearing as one who cares about the environment, which she doesn’t. Of course, if she would just be herself, people would accept her (albeit at a distance), but her hypocrisy gets people’s backs up.

So, if you are someone who is called eccentric in your hometown because of the way you dress or act, then maybe Ravenscroft-on-the-Sea would be a great place for you to live, free of the expectations of others. But whatever you do: Don’t accept tea at Mrs. Piggery’s house!

Written for Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Wordle #207.


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