I Wonder Where that Path Leads!

I wonder what is the interrelationship between trying to find a sense of belonging in childhood and the desire to follow unknown paths? When Douglas and I take long walks in the places we visit, there is always a path that no one seems to take. You can tell those precious paths not taken by the overgrowth of weeds that nearly hide the path from view.

They intrigue me, for I want to know where they lead and why no one else finds them desirable. All of a sudden the path that is laid out, with white stripes on trees to keep you on the “right path,” loses interest for me, because it feels too much like some unknown entity is requiring us to conform and not be deviant by taking any other path. Even more, we are not to make our own paths, but simply to follow the one already deemed the only acceptable journey to the end of the road.

So, when I look and see even the hint of another path, I think aloud, “I wonder where that path goes!” Thankfully, Douglas is an adventurer and he always responds, “Let’s see.” We step off the path and hand-in-hand we coddiwomple down the forbidden path, often having to push the grasses aside to actually stay on the path because of its having been so neglected. We have no idea where we will end up, but that’s not important, for it is all of the new discoveries that we will make that really matters.

As we struggle to stay on the path and keep following it to a new ending, I find myself wondering about those brave souls who sought to create new paths for the unconventional and the non-conformists among us.  I silently send up a prayer to God thanking Him for imbuing them with ingenuity and rectitude, meaning their goodness and decency in attempting to give us greater options for reaching our destinations.

Some of our best walking moments have been following unknown paths that ultimately lead us to great fun, amazing trees and flowers, and wonderful vistas that would have been missed if we had stayed on the “right path.” You are usually alone on this path, as so few people even consider going down it, so you feel almost like an explorer finding new territory.

It was inevitable that we would one day want to do find new paths and roads on a bigger scale. So, Douglas and I have decided on the off-the-beaten path type of rendezvous when we go to Europe again. We will buy Eurorail tickets and, instead of visiting the usual suspects, we will jump on and off trains in little places not visited by tourist companies or recommended in travel books.

We don’t want to miss a new adventure or a wonderful acquaintance because we stayed on the suggested paths, but we wish to travel down new roads in cities where others don’t wish to venture. We don’t want to play it safe and stay on the path laid out, but, instead, we want to be surprised. When we take those unknown paths, sometimes they end up being dead ends. When that happens, we have to turn around and find our way back to the original path, but we never consider it a waste of time, because of the time spent together.

In our families of origin, we are considered non-conformists for being Christians. But, both of us being weary and heavy of heart for different reasons sought a place of refuge and sanity, a new path that did not mean conforming to the ways of the people around us. So, it is no surprise that we accepted the invitation that Jesus is still offering, ““Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). That is one unknown path that is still a joy to be traveling on, and the path leads to new and eternal life. 

Fandango prompt is Ingenuity. Ragtag prompt is Coddiwomple. Word of the Day Challenge is Rectitude. Daily Addictions prompt is Precious. The prompt for the 3-Way Challenge from Manic Mondays is Journey. The prompt for One Daily Prompt is Interrelationship.


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