The Singing Priest

Marco never expected to become a priest, having wanted to be a night-club singer from when he was child. He was not even the most devoted of Sister Margarita’s kids in the Catholic school he attended. Indeed, she had told him that he would end up in prison some day, with that mouth of his!

His father insisted that he learn to play the violin, to keep his hands busy, for Papa believed very strongly in that old saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Marco had to practice the instrument every day, if he wanted listen to his favorite singer, Frank Sinatra. No violin, no Frank! To his amazement, he became quite good on the violin, and found the beautiful tomes that emanated from it was quite the draw for the young women!

With dreams of singing like Mr. Sinatra and playing on his violin, Marco left his small Sicilian village for Rome, rejoicing that finally he was to fulfill his childhood dream. But, one night after an usually busy night at the night club where he performed each night, he saw a bright light, and in the light, he saw Jesus calling his name, “Follow me!”

Thinking that maybe he was tired and had been up too long, Marco dismissed the vision, thinking that all he needed was a little sleep. But, when he discussed the vision with a now much-older Sister Margarita, she told him that God was calling him into the priesthood and he must obey.

So, he became Father Marco, the singing priest, and the beautiful music that he played and sang in the church each Sunday drew countless numbers of the locals and tourists to his services. He became known as a man of God with great rectitude and integrity. Today in the small Sicilian town where he was born is a statue of the “Singing Priest,” complete with his violin.

Written for the Three Things Challenge for The Haunted Wordsmith: statue, priest, and violin. Word of the Day Challenge is Rectitude.

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