Would You Really Give Anything?

I loathe hearing anyone declare that they would give anything they have just to possess something or somebody they crave! I remember saying, “I would give anything for him to like me!” A sage woman asked me, “Really? Anything?” I had to stop and wonder about what I had just declared, because what I was saying was that I was willing to give up all that was important to me just to receive some attention from a boy.

At age 16, I thought that what I gained from dating  a specific boy was greater than what I was willing to sacrifice for him. But, after nearly giving up my life because of his violence, I had to rethink this saying that I hear so much these days.

I have heard it said by children to their parents when they want a toy. I have heard adults say it when they wanted a job or thought someone else had a more exciting life. “I would give anything to be a Kardashian or Meghan Markle or Jennifer Lopez or….” It is such a volatile statement, because there is so much unpredictability attached to the saying, and much of it is not good.

So, I started asking myself what would I never give up  just to receive something that or someone whom I thought that I could not live without? First, today, I would never give up my soul for anything or anyone, because I did that once or twice, and the endings were painful and guilt-ridden.

When I say that I gave up my soul, I meant that I was willing to stop going to church and using my God-given gifts and talents just to date someone. I think that we labor doubly hard sometimes for that which we know is not good for us. Somewhere in our unconscious or conscious mind, we comprehend when someone is not right, but because we are determined to have them, even when friends and family warn us of danger, we try to make things appears better than they really are. To me, that is equivalent to selling your soul!

It took living through that tortuous relationship to understand the words of Mark 8:36-37, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” I learned that there is absolutely nothing in the world worth losing your connection to Almighty God, and thankfully, even though I left Him, He did not leave me, rescuing me from the violent man.   

Second, I would not give up my relationships with my wonderful husband, just to step into the lifestyle of someone else.  I have lived long enough to know that the exterior of a life that is shown to the world may be completely different from the reality behind closed doors. I thought Princess Diana had a great life, married to a real-life prince, only to discover that she had everything but the love  of her husband and peace of mind.

My husband is a good man, a prince among men.  It took me a while to find him, and only after fervent prayer, so I would not give him up for anything or anyone in the world, mainly because he loves me despite my many faults. That quest for his wondrous love taught me that you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince, and if you are not careful, you start to accept the toads so much that you miss out on someone better.

Lastly, I would not give up my relationships with my children and grandchildren for anything the world has to offer. The love they give me and the joy their presence brings me cannot be described adequately in one post. I live to see them and hug them and hear what is new in their lives.

I wish I lived nearer to them, so I could see them more often. Love is such a rare commodity today, for hate seems to be more prevalent in the news. If you have people in your life who break out in grins from ear-to-ear when you step through the door, don’t trade their sense of your value and worth for anything.

I stop and think today before I let those words come out of my mouth or even enter my thoughts. For there are some elements in my life that mean so much to me that I am not willing to give them up for anything or anyone.


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