A Disc Golf Widow

I got up early this morning to accompany my husband on his daily disc golf adventure. I had been upset with him yesterday, accusing him of not even asking me to join him when he went to play this game every day. I bemoaned being left alone every day.

So, last night, I suggested that I would just walk alongside of him as he played. Well, that is what I did today, walking through mud, without remembering to eat breakfast. And let me tell you something: I will not complain again!

He is my hero, a 68-year-old who can put some of those young men playing beside him to shame. He is pretty good, as long as there are no trees in his way, I should say. If those little orange, blue, red, yellow, and multi-colored round discs could bring down trees, Douglas would have deforested much of the woods near us.

But, still he is a good player, and he loves it, even traipsing into ponds to find his discs that go astray. He goes in to find one disc, and often comes out with five more! He will call the numbers on the discs and try to return them to the rightful owners! One guy was excited to get an unusually expensive disc back, until Douglas told him that he was in Tennessee, and the guy was now located in Minnesota! Douglas kept that one!

He tends to lose his discs, and I had to laugh today, as he was dressed in all green, including his hat, and he kept having to go into the cotton fields or other vegetation to find his disc. I was afraid that I would lose him and have to go find someone to help me recover him (see above picture)!

I don’t try to play with him any more, because my short arms cannot throw the disc more than 10 to 20 feet, if I am lucky, so a Par-3 hole becomes a par 23 hole, and I can see Douglas’s impatience growing. But, he will smile and act as though my playing is the best thing since cornbread, but I know better. So, I don’t ask to play, and he hides his jubilation quite well.

I decided today that being a disc golf widow is not such a bad thing, for I was bored to death. I could not wait for the 18th hole (see below)! I actually took my Kindle e-reader, and I read my new Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, while racking up steps on my step counter following after him. Hiking up hills and across bridges through woods with mosquitoes and other biting bugs is not my cup of tea, so I am going to be happy staying at home for a few hours a day alone.

In about three weeks, we are going to Alicante, Spain, for 13 days, in the ever-present quest to find a place to retire in Europe. My disc golf aficionado is determined to find a place that I cannot find fault in, and I admit that I can speak some Spanish, but muy pequeno.

Isaiah 58:11 states, “The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.” I do try to keep an open mind and my spirit open to God’s prodding in the decisions that Douglas and I must make. I am truly excited to visit Alicante, and will give it every chance to woo me.

I love to travel, whatever the outcome may be, and he just might have found a place that can overcome my maternal instincts to be close to my children and grandchildren, especially as we don’t receive many visits from them. Indeed, if Alicante does not have disc golf parks, it just might be the place for us!

Fandango prompt is Game. Ragtag prompt is Orange. Word of the Day Challenge is Hero. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Good. Daily Addictions prompt is Jubilation.

Douglas at Disc Golf

18th hole



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