Just Be Yourself

Angel’s mother and aunt felt that she was not properly made up for the prom. Angel tried to explain to them that the doctor had told her not to wear make-up, so that her face could heal from the most recent acne outbreak. And she liked being make-up free, for she could express her true self, but neither of the older ladies were listening.

They told her to have faith in them to know what was best for her, adding blue eye shadow to accentuate her blue dress and red lipstick to highlight her beautiful lips. But, when Angel looked in the mirror, she hated the face that looked back at her. She was uncomfortable with all the extra goop on her face.

She quickly ran into the bathroom and removed the make-up from her face. Her mother was so angry that she refused to allow her to go to the prom, telling the young man that Angel had fallen sick. Then, she forced her to walk to the corner so that the neighbors could see the dress that she had bought for her daughter, telling Angel, “At least people will know your mother did right by you!”

Shame-faced, Angel stood there on the top of the street,  embarrassed as people passed by looking at her with something approaching sadness. But, Angel felt triumphant, for although she did not get to go to the prom, she remained true to herself, make-up free, able to see her own beauty.

Semi-autobiographical fiction. Written for The Three Things Challenge from the Haunted Wordsmith for September 10, 2018: doctor, eye shadow, faith.


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