Hard to Blog When Sick

I hate to report that there will not be a Psalm Wednesday post today. I have been so sick since we returned from Spain. I must have caught a cold on one of the return flights, for by the time we reached Atlanta to spend the night with family, I was jet lagged and already feeling ill. Today, almost two weeks later, I still have not been able to overcome a sore throat, running nose, cough, and fatigue. Last year I was diagnosed with unspecified autoimmune disease, and I was told that I might be slower in healing. My bed has become my best friend, and my Kindle one of the loves of my life.

I have a rule that if there is no fever, then no doctor visit. This is partly because I have spent so much of my life going to doctors’ offices that I am just tired and do not wish to see the inside of another one. The other side is that as a retired person on a limited income, I am more careful of not wasting money going to the doctor just to be told it is a cold and will resolve itself.

Hopefully, I will feel better soon and will be back to challenging myself to write and share weighty posts to encourage, inspire, and give hope through our stories and travels. May God bless you all.

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