It’s Tough Getting A Laugh!

Alan gave up his job as a stockbroker to become a clown. In his experience, people tended to love clowns, with their funny faces, big feet, big noses, and carnations that squirted water. Clowns performed all kinds of foolish antics to make people laugh. But, lately, it’s tough to get a laugh the old-fashioned way, as people just don’t laugh at his pranks or tomfoolery unless he did something dangerous that could possibly get him killed.

Sitting at the bakery alone, enjoying the golden light of the sun as it colored everything in its path, he felt such a sense of loss and not a little depressed, smoking one last cigarette before returning to his latest gig. He pondered why people seem to find other people’s pain and misery so funny, for it was different when he was little, or was it?

He was surprised at how much had not changed, as he remembered people laughing and enjoying themselves as men were shot out of cannons, lion-tamers put their heads in lions’ mouths, or trapeze artists performed dangerous maneuvers without a net. There was no regard for the performers’ health and welfare, for the people paid to be entertained, and a little blood seemed to add to the excitement!

He ordered a large slice of apple pie, with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, for he needed some serious comfort food before returning to face that mob of ten year olds. Maybe his old job was still available! He never had to worry about bring bit, even when the Dow Jones went down! He should have listened to God and stayed put!

Written for November Writing Challenge for November 15 from The Haunted Wordsmith: surprise, carnation, and bakery.

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