Pull Up A Seat Challenge Week 13

I lost my heart in beautiful Elche, Spain, also known as Eli, Spain, for two languages are spoken there: Spanish and Valencian. Unfortunately, I could not speak either. But, I would love to go there to live, for it had so much beauty and as there is no white sand beaches, it is less touristy. We happened upon this bench with a man on it outside the Paleontology Museum, and Douglas could not help himself sitting next to him. There was no plaque identifying him.

We found other places to sit and rest in the Municipal Park, a miles-long wonder of gardens, swans, statues, and old buildings.




Also, there was art for miles, with places to sit and appreciate the beauty. Here we would consider it graffiti and paint over it.


Pictures presented for Pull Up a Seat Challenge by XingfuMama. You can see just why I left part of my heart there.


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