Stumped: Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge Mysterious

This statue in Elche, Spain left Douglas and me stumped. There was no plaque explaining what it symbolizes. It was located in the middle of an area near the town’s municipal offices. I was fascinated by it, mainly because the figures don’t actually seem to be doing anything that I recognize. Of course, it represents another culture, but it is certainly mysterious. I have no doubts that the people of Elche know what it means and are very proud of what it symbolizes in their lives, as it sits in the very heart of the town.

It is the frame that throws me. Does it mean that every one should be able to see some part of themselves in the figures? As both genders are represented and properly dressed, are the figures symbolic of the people who live in this beautiful small village?

I also took a picture from the other side of the one figure with his back to the others (see below). Any help finding out what it represents would be greatly appreciated. I do like the laid-back, nonchalance of the male and female on the left, but the guy in the middle with his hand reaching out was somewhat scary! Overall, it is a very nice modern piece of art, but I like art I can understand.


Written for the Photo Challenge Mysterious from Weekly Prompts.

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