Don’t Put Off Going to the Dentist!

My house is in shambles! My mouth feels like a war is going on inside of it. I ate a sardines sandwich about ten days ago, and I bit down on what I thought was a bone, but now, I believe that I was wrong, because of the unbelievable pain I am in today.

I admit that I wondered at the time if I had lost part of a tooth, but no pain came after a couple of days, so I thought that everything is just fine, just a bone. Even when I felt a twinge of pain, I did not want to go to the dentist because I don’t have dental insurance.

Let me correct that. I have some dental insurance with my Medicare Advantage Plan, but it is not worth the paper it is written on. Many dentists in my area will not accept it, including my favorite dentist, or at least, the dentist I am the least afraid of seeing.

Our teeth are a treasure, but we don’t seem to understand that until we start to lose them. I have tried to be good about brushing and flossing, but admittedly, I never went to the dentist as a child and cannot remember having brushed or flossed much.

We were just too poor, and toothpaste and toothbrushes were luxuries in our house. I think my mother thought it was cheaper to just have the teeth pulled when they started to hurt.

Therefore, as an adult, I have lost quite a few, so many that I only brush for one minute with my electric toothbrush, thinking that the two-minute suggestion is for people with a mouth full of teeth! When you start to lose teeth, it seems like a cascade effect occurs, as one after the other start to need a root canal or extracting.

So, I am reluctant to go to the dentist also to avoid the seemingly inevitable march to dentures or bridges. But, the pain finally caught up with me today, and I am surrendering to its domination and going to the dentist in the morning.

I sent Douglas out for two types of numbing medicine, liquid and gel. Keeping my mouth numb works a little, but I will be counting the hours until 10:30 in the morning. Today would have been my late son’s 43rd birthday, and I had plans to go out to a restaurant and celebrate his birth with his favorite food: a large steak. But, that is out of the question now.

So, take it from me. When you feel the first twinge of pain in a tooth, go see the man or woman with the scary, noisy dental tools. Better still, if you still have a fair amount of your teeth left, skedaddle to the bathroom, grab that toothbrush and toothpaste, and go for it!

Then, floss like your life depends on it. And, just a side note: can sardines don’t usually have bones in it! That’s more likely something you want to get taken care of pretty fast, particularly if your smile is one of your best qualities!

Fandango prompt is Treasure. Ragtag prompt is Bridge. Word of the Day Challenge is Shambles. Scott’s Daily Prompt is March. Your Daily Prompt is Cascade.

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      1. You bite on a whole clove and it kills the nerve/root in the tooth. I am fairly lucky in that my teeth die from the inside out, so when I loose a tooth (they just fall apart), I don’t have any pain unless I get an abscess. Then I just load up on honey and it goes away.

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      2. You can use cinnamon powder with your tooth brush to brush your teeth/tongue. Use hydrogen peroxide diluted in water based on instructions on it’s bottle, for mouth wash. Or soak cloves in water overnight, add hot water to make the cloves water warm enough to soak/rinse your mouth. Or warm salt water. Use each at different times then continue to use any of the mixtures that work best for you. You can mix your own herbal/organic toothpaste, you know. I do.

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  1. warm salt water rinses can help but at this point you have to count the minutes until tomorrow…. good luck at the dentist tomorrow! lots of numbing shots that will hurt for just a minute but after then you’re good. AND NITROUS OXIDE which will take any worries away!


    1. Thanks for the tip. An excuse to travel and good dental care. The work for Douglas was estimated at over $22000. So, this would be a great chance to get some of it done. He might not need as much work as they say he does.


      1. I had 24 crowns done for $12,000 and this was with the most expensive dr. here. He studied in Baltimore, the best dental school in the States. There are places that would do it for half of that or less. They now have three dimensional printers that create the crowns and you can complete the process in one day. Amazing.

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    2. I read one of your books when they came for me to give out for birthdays. I love it. I spent so much time looking for the animals and thoroughly enjoying the funny words. I cannot wait to read it to my great-grandchildren. They will laugh their heads off, and Granny Gina will be a real she-ro.


  2. Regina, I know exactly how you feel, but unlike your other readers, I can offer no solutions. My family also believed in pulling teeth. Like you I have missing spaces and I’m afraid of dentists. The one and only that I loved and who gave me two perfect implants, moved back to his native country and I haven’t found a replacement (I haven’t really looked). I pray for your speedy recovery and I’m sure you’ll be biting into that steak in no time!

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