The Moody Dieter: Wordle #214

Katie wants to be salubrious and fit, and her personal trainer, Judith, assured her that she was one of the fortunate ones whose metabolism makes losing weight so easy. So, Katie agreed to stick to the suggested diet, mainly to appease her trainer, for she thought that a diet named Eat Hardy and Lose Weight to be a misnomer.

It was counterintuitive to her that she could eat full meals, rather than plain lettuce and tomatoes, and still lose the weight. Judith and her colleagues must have miscalculated the results of their tests. But, she might just try it, for, at this point, she would give a king’s ransom for anything sweet and buttery.

But, a few weeks later and no smaller than when she started, Katie returned to the gym all moody and sad, brooding over her failure to lose weight. Although upset and feeling hexed by the whole diet business, she gave Judith a sober evaluation of what was wrong with the Eat Hardy and Lose Weight diet: the more food you are allowed, the more food you want.

Written for the The Wordle #214 from MIndloveMisery’s Menagerie. The words are brood, moody, hex, sober, salubrious, ransom, counterintuitive, calculate, misnomer, train, fortunate, and appease.

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