I’ll Never Be a Fish: Saturday Mix

I went on an excursion near the water,

With dreams of splashing around.

But after nearly drowning in the ocean,

I kept my feet firmly planted on the ground.

How it felt to float through the water,

Was something I had always wondered.

So I thought just one little dip was okay,

So my vacation was not fully squandered.

But, the skill level needed I lacked

To appear to perform like a fish.

So, I’ll stick to something less dangerous,

Like, maybe eating octopus in a native dish?

Written for Same, Same, But Different Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Waste, holiday, swim, bowl, trip.

Waste (squander), bowl (dish), holiday (vacation), trip (excursion), swim (splashing around, take a dip)

4 thoughts on “I’ll Never Be a Fish: Saturday Mix

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  1. I opened your blog, read it and it literally put a smile on my face. I immediately turned to my wife who is sitting next to me and shared it with her. Good stuff! Keep it up!


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