Not Really an Enigma

I step on the bathroom scale every morning,

And there’s no visible change in my weight.

It’s kind of an enigma to me, at least,

But not even a question for my mate.

He said, “Honey, to expect so much change

Without altering your food or exercise,

Is the perfect definition of insanity

To even you, someone who is usually wise.”

He’s right, though I so hate to admit it.

So, my optimistic resolutions for this new year

Is to change the way I eat and move a lot more,

But after I finish the Oreos that are already here!

Seriously, I have constantly prayed for help

To make better choices towards my health goals.

But, now, I realize that, when push comes to shove,

My banner should be: Use your God-given self-control.

Fandango prompt is Enigma. Ragtag prompt is Anticipate. Word of the Day Challenge is Resolutions. You Daily Word is Resolution. Daily Addictions prompt is Banner.

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