An Ode to Moving When Older

Moving away from my sweet neighbors,

Blistered hands from all of the packing.

The expectancy is of visiting grandchildren,

Hoping those expectations will not go lacking.

Yet, I hear my husband sobbing in the kitchen.

He doesn’t want me to witness his many tears.

But, I think we both feel much sorrow,

As we give up friends from many years.

Our children say we need to be near them,

In case we experience sickness or death.

And we’ve decided to acquiesce to their wishes,

Even though we are both in good health.

So, we are moving one last time on earth,

Seeing children more will be kind of nice.

But, I hope we won’t find we’re more alone,

And that the move wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

Very personal poem written for Sunday Writing Prompt 5×5 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: moving, blistered, expectancy, sobbing, the expression of a companion not meant to be witnessed.

6 thoughts on “An Ode to Moving When Older

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  1. Hi Regina, it sounds like you have both made a huge decision in your lives and so like you I too hope it will be worth the effort. It is hard leaving any place you have lived in for some time to move away and as we age it gets harder for as you say you hope you will not be ‘more alone’. But children are a great magnet for us aren’t they. Best wishes.

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