The Enigma of Modern Art: Sunday Photo Fiction

Ginny stood looking at the piece of art installed at the riverbank, trying to determine the message the sculptor was trying to impart. She tried to figure out what the green thing represented in relation to the beautiful blue waters beside it and the tall buildings in the background. What an enigma!

It looked like a big green mushroom, so maybe it signifies a need to return to nature, leaving behind the sense of loneliness and isolation of the big city. But, then it looks like the thing has on a handmaiden’s hat, which might represent, along with the blue waters, the idea of giving birth and all of the possibilities of a new life in the concrete jungles of America.

After standing and straining her brain for nearly two hours, Ginny walked away. She thought that maybe somebody made a mistake in their pottery class and decided to chuck it here by the riverside, hopefully out of the view of anyone who knows them.

Fictional story written for the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge by Susan Spalding, with the photo by Fandango.

4 thoughts on “The Enigma of Modern Art: Sunday Photo Fiction

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  1. Ginny had a lot of time to spare and analyse the sculpture. But who has correctly deciphered what is in the mind of an artist at the time of his creation.


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