The Mystery of the Vanished Casings: Wordle #218

Matt loved a good mystery, except when it could cost him his doctorate! Jonathan King, that hypocrite of a professor who was always missing deadlines, is now acting like it would be the end of the world if Matt doesn’t have the results of his research in by this Friday.

All the brouhaha over the missing casings from the platform just outside the science lab was causing Matt to lose his cool, and as a pretty quiet guy, he never lost his equilibrium, especially not in front of others. But the whole framework of his dissertation in Mechanical Engineering was in jeopardy of being proven false, if he could not find those volutes.

He could not just swap any kind of casings. He risked them dislodging and making his Schodinger’s Cat experiment regarding whether an engine can be dead and alive at the same time inside of a rocket impossible to prove.

Just as Matt had given up any chance of meeting the deadline, he saw Charlotte, his ex-girlfriend, sneaking out of he building with a furtive look. Their parting had not been amicable, and she had threatened to “ruin” him. Catching up to her, he grabbed the bag in her hand, and found his future, the missing casings!

On Friday, he presented his findings to his committee, and his doctorate was awarded. Doomsday avoided!

Fictional story written fro the Wordle #218 for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve words are parting, volute, dislodge, swap, doomsday, hypocrite, quiet, engine, miss, platform, Schodinger’s Cat, Framework.

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