The Warmth and Compassion of Angels

I was honored to be nominated by The Bag Lady to write for the Tell a Story Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith. The rules above are: Write something about the picture you were given. Choose a different photo for your own post and three people to write about it. It’s fun to pass this challenge on.

As I watched the two children cross the rickety bridge, I held my breath. I doubted if either one could swim, so I worried about them drowning and the immense sorrow that their deaths would bring to their parents.

The older girl’s love and concern for the welfare of her little brother touched my soul. He was so afraid, and as she pushed her own fears down, I heard her say, “Timmy, it’s going to be alright! Don’t worry! I will protect you, always!”Tears came to my eyes, as I thought, “How I wished that someone had loved me like that when I was a child!”

I waited for them to complete the crossing, for the bridge would not have held their weight and mine. As I saw one of the planks fall away, I gasped and saw her gather him closer to her! I started praying for their safety:

Oh, God of Heaven, send an angel to watch over these little ones as they make their journey. They are so young and haven’t yet begun to live and share all of the joy, love, and laughter that they will give to the world. Send an angel to protect and help them, O Lord.

And, if that bridge is about to fall, wait until I am on it, for I am an old woman, and I have lived and loved well. I have fulfilled my calling, and now I enjoy rest from my labor. But these children must have a chance to live the plans you have for their lives, the futures and hopes you created for them while they were still in their mother’s womb. Thank you, O God of creation, in Jesus’ name, for hearing my prayer. Amen!”

As I opened my eyes, I was flabbergasted to see an angel appear, floating above the waters and the children. With warmth and compassion that we so seldom see in this partisan world today, she reached out to hold the children and prevent them from falling. Dressed in long flowing robes and a halo of light around her head, she deftly hurried the children across.

As they reached the other side, I started to step on the bridge, when the same angel seemed to call out to me. I instinctively knew that she was telling me not to step on the bridge! I stopped. Then, horrified, I watched as the old bridge gave away, falling piece by piece into the rushing water!

As I continued to stand still, realizing my narrow escape, I said aloud, “Thank you, Lord, for the angels that encamp around those who fear you, and deliver them!” I guess I have more love, laughter, and joy to spread on earth!

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