Old Lady Katie and Her Cat

She always struck me as the epitome of good sense, a no-nonsense kind of person, and she was my favorite teacher when I was school age. She was tough, but fair in her grades and in her praise. So, I was surprised when she adopted the black grimalkin that she found hiding among the billowy blobs and booby traps in the attic one day at dusk.

I knew for sure that Old Lady Katie would shoo that dripping mess of tattered skin and hardly anything but bones, hissing at everyone who came near, right out of her house. So, I was floored to find that I was wrong!

I voiced my misgivings to Old Lady Katie, “It don’t augur good fortune to bring that cursed cat into the house, Ma’am. She’s been rolling in the strangleweed, and you know how horrible that stuff can be for the plants in the house.”

But, Old Lady Katie smiled, “Mary, get the ether from the medicine cabinet, so that I can attend to her injuries without causing her great pain. My mystery writers’ cabal will relish having this old dear as our mascot. We shall name her Sagittarius, for I found her among the Green Arrow books.”

That was six month ago, and Old Lady Katie and her cat are inseparable. When I see them sitting together in the evening by the fire, both seeming to purr from the contentment of each other’s company, I wonder which one saved the other!

Fictional story written for The February Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt: billowy blobs and booby traps. Also, for the Wordle #120 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: ether, grimalkin, attic, dusk, augur, curse, cabal, zodiac sign, dripping, tattered, misgiving, strangleweed.

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