When the Last Axe Swings

Ben had envisioned this day for years. Today was his last day at Royal Cabinet makers, after more than 50 years. He thought that his body would go on forever, but now knows that it has limits. The wood has been his life, providing for his beloved Maggie and himself.

There was a special order that came in, and his boss Jamison, offered to give it to one of the younger guys. But, Ben would not hear of it. He had never failed to deliver the starting cuts for the designs. He shuffled off to the yard.

Ben was halfway through the fourth strike of the axe when he knew that he was in trouble. He could not straighten up, and the pain in his back was excruciating. He should call for help, but that stubbornness that Maggie told him would be his downfall some day just would not let him.

With just one hand and bent over, Ben kept striking the wood until he made the initial cuts, just as he had did over the years . Smiling through the pain, he called for help. What a way to go out!

Fictional story written for Sunday Photo Fiction by Susan Spaulding, February 17. 2019. A story of 200 or less words from the prompt photo given.

4 thoughts on “When the Last Axe Swings

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  1. Ben should have retired long back. May be he should have hired one of the younger guys to do the manual labor. His body was not upto the hard task.


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