Choosing to be Loved: Three Things Challenge

Howbeit, Lila loved the bouquet of yellow roses, it was the card accompanying it that gave her reason to pause and reflect. On it, Joel had written one question: Are you ready to be loved again?

Normally intrepid and undaunted by others’ opinions of her actions, her three children were unanimous in their objections to her dating again at her age. Was she too old at 72 to allow love to sprout once more in her life? Should she allow the same folks who professed to care for her but who never visited or called her unless they wanted something from her to make such a life-changing decision for her?

She downed the rest of her Screwdriver, clutched the card to her heart, and picked up the telephone. When Joel answered, she simply said, “Yes!” Her heart swelled when she heard him say, “Thank you, God!”

Fictional story written for The Three Things Challenge #PL6 from Paula Light at Lights Motif: Bouquet, screwdriver, telephone. Fandango prompt is Intrepid. Ragtag prompt is Sprout. Word of the Day Challenge is Clutch. Your Daily Prompt is Howbeit.

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