Tale Weaver #211:Making Sense of the Nonsense

Jan and Carol have grown accustomed to the stares they engender when together in public. They understand why people are confused. They are opposites in many ways. Jan is more liberal in her ideology, while Carol is more conservative. Jan votes Democratic and Carol votes Republican. People wonder how can they still be such great friends?

They would tell anyone bold enough to ask that they have an egrlactical friendship. An egrlactical friendship is based on mutual respect, tolerance for differences in opinions, and the rare ability to agree to disagree on issues important to them both. This type of relationship only works between individuals who do not believe that anyone who thinks differently from them are inherently evil or wicked or hate America. These are friends who have the security of knowing that don’t have to think alike to appreciate the value of what each adds to the other’s life.

So, even though people think that they should hate each other, they don’t, mainly because from the beginning of their friendship, long ago in high school as members of the Debate team, they never denigrated each other for differences in opinion. Instead, they understood that they were more alike than different, both being empathetic, caring, and secure in their own value and worth.

Jan and Carol don’t judge each other’s worth as human beings on their ideas, but on their mutual belief in allowing other people the freedom to think as they want. They realize that each human being has a finite number of days on this earth, and it is a waste of time spending it hating on other people who disagree with your views.

We need more egrlactical friendships in these days of divisive politics and media. We need people to be willing to commit to understanding why someone may think differently from them. We need people who can, like Jan and Carol, continue to see each other’s humanity, regardless of their stances on issues. These two wonderful friends agree that such a world would be great one to live in, one free of the daily onslaught of nastiness that grips America today.

Fictional story written for Tale Weaver, #211, Making Sense of the Nonsense, from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Egrlactical. Writing a story using the invented word offered. Fandango prompt is Finite. Ragtag prompt is Security. Word of the Day Challenge is Commit.

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  1. Hi Regina, I loved your take on this word. The notion of respect for each other when holding opposing views is a great gift to have. I have a mate with whom I have a similar experience.


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