My Son, the Troubadour!

Marjorie never attended the Renaissance Fair, not interested in the goings-on of medieval times. But, today, her friend, Charlotte, talked her into attending, declaring that she had to hear this new young troubadour with the beautiful singing voice. To stop Charlotte’s harassment, she finally agreed, laughing at her friend’s intensity.

She had to admit that everyone was dressed so authentically that she felt transported to a much earlier time, a time of kings, knights in shining armor, and fair maidens. They walked over to the tent where the singing was to take place. The young troubadour came out to sing.

Not only his singing was beautiful, but he looked wonderful, with blue painted eyes, a black and white striped hat with pearls, and reddened mouth. But, something was familiar about him! She looked into his eyes, and she knew who he was. Their eyes met, and she saw his fear.

She put two thumbs up, bowed lightly, and smiled her approval. He visually relaxed, knowing that she would not expose his secret. “Fooling, fooling, too much fooling!” was necessary to keep him safe from ugly names in school. But they would discuss him “borrowing” her blue eye shadow without permission!

Fictional story written for the 50 Word Thursday Challenge #8, this week hosted by Teresa from The Haunted Wordsmith. A story of 250 or less words, in increments of 50 words per paragraph.

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