How Do Women Do It?

The four men sat looking out at the sea, all trying to think of something to say. They had just met three days earlier. One of them wondered how their wives could expect them to carry on a conversation when they knew nothing about each other? It seemed utterly impossible.

Finally, Jack said, “How do women do it? Our wives did not know each other three days ago, but now they seem to be each other’s BFFs, going to the spa together and shopping, as if they have known each other for ages? It doesn’t makes any sense to me!”

Marcus responded, “I’ve seen it happen at work, Man. Two women meet in the elevator, and before they reach the thirtieth floor, they have introduced themselves and become close enough to discuss their most intimate moments, like the delivery of their children. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen!

Quiet descended once again, as none of the men could reasonably explain why women seem to have the power to become friends in such a quick fashion. All they knew was that they were not about to start sharing their personal information with total strangers. So, they just sat silent.

Fiction written the 50 Word Thursday from Kristian from Tales from the Mind of Kristian. 50 word paragraphs, up to 250 words.

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