Angels in the Round: Tuesday Photo Challenge: Round

Angels lingering high above the sky,

Riding on the chariots of clouds.

God sends them to help us and warn us,

After we’ve prayed with our knees bowed.

They don’t quite look as portrayed above,

Always naked and with harps and wings.

The ones that have come to help me,

Didn’t seem like other-worldly things.

Once it was a strange man in a van

Who blessed me with a saving prayer.

So, treat people kindly that may seem odd,

You may be entertaining angels unaware.

Picture taken at the Elche Festival Museum in Elche, Spain. It was a festival on the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was resurrected and ascended into heaven. I love the colors and the pictures of angels. Posted for the Tuesday Photo Challenge by Dutch Goes the Photo: Round.

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