The Costs of Not Remembering Our History

Eating shortbread cookies and drinking a soda,

While standing among the cannons of war,

I listened to a guru on the Civil War explain

My freedoms that so many young men died for.

I could almost feel their spirits and see them

As clearly as if they were standing beside me.

And it brought me such sadness and pain,

As racial tensions seem to be repeating history.

Semi-fictional written for the Three Things Challenge from Paula Light at Light Motifs II: shortbread, guru, and cannon. The Stones River Battleground is near our home, and we go there to walk. The Rangers know the history so well, and it always makes me sad to think that so many young males died for me to be free. Yet, a young white male was arrested after killing 9 black people because he wanted to start a race war! Learn your history, people!

2 thoughts on “The Costs of Not Remembering Our History

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  1. This society is so contradictory. People, soldiers live die, fight, kill for freedoms and principles that most really don’t believe in. “One nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” For many, these are just words.

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