The Most Colorful of Friends

Who says that we cannot be friends

Because you’re pink and I am green?

It’s silly to think that way,

And it’s also very mean.

Our hearts are so much alike

That I often think just like you.

Our colors are so unimportant,

All that matters is I love you.

Some people think that friends

Must be the same color or hue,

But we wholly disagree with them,

And so would Winnie the Pooh.

He has friends of different species,

And the 100 Acre Wood they roam.

What a lesson they teach us all:

We can all just get along.

Poem written for 50 Word Thursday from The Haunted Wordsmith, March 7, 2019. Using the photo and the saying, or just one, write a story or poem of up to 250 words, in 50 word increments. This picture reminded me of the stares Douglas and I still get as an interracial couple.

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