Sneaking Around: Friday Fictioneers

George wanted one piece of Anya’s delectable apple pie. His wife, Julia, the “diabetes police,” kept a tight lid on what he ate. She had good intentions, but sometimes a man gotta have what he wants!

George hid the bike in the bushes, with Midnight, sitting placidly on the seat. He walked over to Anya’s shop, and he ate not one but two pieces of the pie!

Returning to the bike, he found Julia holding Midnight, who upon seeing her mother, promptly started purring, giving away the game! “Two pieces, George! You are going to be the death of me.”

Fictional story written for Friday Fictioneers, by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A story in 100 or less words from the photo prompt by CEAyre.

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  1. I find it amazing that this catcould have endured a motorbike ride. Mine wouldnt even get in a car unless he was in my lap and once the car started, hed want to jump down by my heels: not cool, if youre driving! Nice sneaky tale.

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