Set Your Own Course: Wordle #123

Marcie sat in the classroom with a lugubrious look on her face, afraid that she had not studied enough to pass the exam. She was still angry for letting Daniel pressure her into going to see a movie, after telling him that she needed to be studying. He had sneered and said, “You are a beautiful woman. Some man will marry you and take care of you. Education is wasted on women like you.”

Even though she disagreed with him, she allowed the disruption to her studies, reproaching herself all the way to the movie for not declining the invitation. But she couldn’t let the harsh words go unchallenged, no matter the outcome.

Withdrawing from his hug, and with a sneer of her own, she told him that what was going to transpire was an equal marriage, one of mutual respect and support in which both parties were able to be all that God had made them to be. He had stayed silent on the return to her apartment, not holding her hand or trying to kiss her goodnight.

Later he had texted, “Good luck finding a husband.” She had responded, “Thank you. Please Don’t KIT: Keep in Touch.”

That was the end of the relationship, but she had no regrets. Now, as she looked at the questions on the exam, she smiled, confident that she would do well. She felt good, for she had set her own course, one with a good education, and anyone not willing to support her wasn’t welcome in her life.

Written for the Wordle #123 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for March 4, 2019. The twelve words are in bold. Sneer was added twice on the original list.

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