The Power of Curiosity: Tale Weaver #214

Give me a child who questions the world,

One who asks why or how every hour.

For that little one will go far in this life,

Because their curiosity carries much power.

Power to make the world a better place,

Questioning how things have always been.

Inquisitive minds seek to understand it all,

As things aren’t always what they seem.

These are ones who are not content

To accept that there is no better way.

They seek to make life easier for us,

By searching for knowledge every day.

So, when a child seems to drive you crazy,

Asking questions about everything they see,

Remember it was the inquisitive ones of old

Who made the world better for you and me.

Written for Tale Weaver #214: Curiosity from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, March 14, 2019. As a professor, I loved the curious students who wanted to know why and why not.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Curiosity: Tale Weaver #214

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  1. So very true Regina, I worked in an academic school where my students were continuously asking why and what if, I loved for the reason they taught me so much.Thanks for sharing your thoughts this week.

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