It Pays to be Yourself! Three Things Challenge, March 23, 2019

Mark was enjoying dancing with a sweet little thing named Nanette at the party that his friend, Jonathan, had invited him to attend. The place was literally like a zoo, with people dressed as different animals. There were lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!

He had dressed as a tiger, complete with striped shirt and pants, a mask, and even striped sneakers on his feet. He had been feeling discouraged because he could not find a serious relationship. Women thought of him as more the buddy type, kind and gentle and easy to talk with. So the tiger persona was meant to make him appear more fierce and manly.

After the dance was over, Nanette asked him what he was doing after the party. Sensing a chance at a new relationship, Mark agreed to take Nanette home.So, he did not drink any alcoholic beverages at the party.

When they arrived at her apartment, Nanette offered him hot cocoa. He readily accepted. She served it in an aluminum-like cup. It was so sweet, just the way he liked it.

As they shared the hot drinks, Nanette told him that she had been drawn to him by the incongruity of his outfit, the tiger persona in a mild-mannered guy. He told her that women tend to only want to be his friend. He was delighted when she told him that kind and gentle was exactly what she was looking for in a mate.

When he finished his cocoa, he left, but not before they agreed to another date. As he walked to his car, Mark thought, “Maybe just being yourself will eventually pay dividends!”

Fictional story written for the Three Things Challenge #37 from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: zoo, aluminum, cocoa.

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