The View Through the Window: Photo Challenge #255

Looking through the window at the view before me,

I know that I am no longer languishing at home.

Instead, I traveled long distances to experience

Places that I hoped to see before the years are gone.

The tower I see took so many years to build, and

The creators didn’t know that it was built for me.

So I could understand that God gifts human beings

With knowledge, wisdom, and unmatched ingenuity.

Tall, beautiful, and mysterious, and nestled in the trees,

I’ll climb that tower just to find an even bigger view

Of far horizons that are a feast to my wandering soul.

And I will follow the fetching calls to places I never knew.

Poem written for the Photo Challenge #255 by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Photo Credit to Nekneeraz, 2019. Word of the Day prompt is Feast. Your Daily Prompt is Fetching.

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