Multitasking Works!

I follow so many blog sites, at last count 297, that most days I don’t have the time to read all of them. I value each one of the blogs I follow, and each provides me with a plethora of benefits. But, between writing blog posts and taking are of the other aspects of my life, my time for reading was an inadequacy.

Well, the problem has been solved. I have dedicated my exercise time to reading the blogs in my Reader. As I walk away pounds on the treadmill, I am reading, laughing, praying for someone, and praising God, according to the blog I am perusing.

One hundred minutes on the treadmill goes by so fast, when you are concentrating on the content of the blogs. The diversity of the blogs I follow means that things do not get monotonous. Posts include poetry, flash fiction, struggles and triumphs, pets and their exploits, Bible studies, photo challenges, and even chapters from books.

Even better is that I have time to comment on each one, connecting to the blogger, allowing them to know how much I appreciate their words, what we have in common, and that they are in my prayers. I can commiserate, contemplate, relate, all while breaking a sweat.

It’s so important to me to let people know that their words have touched me, and that I value their honesty, courage, comedic ability, and way with words. We are human, and though we are taught to humble ourselves and not seek the approval of others, it is a reality that knowing that someone likes what we write puts a spring in our steps and a smile on our faces.

It’s also like attending a blogging university, learning how to write succinctly (still working on that one), and getting a feel for what people want to read. Some of the bloggers I follow are worthy of gold and platinum stars. Their posts are harbingers of good writing.

I treasure the lessons learned from each blog site that I follow. And it’s not just how to write posts, but also in regards to living life to its fullest, enjoying each day, and knowing that we can survive the storms in life. So I am so glad that I can improve my physical, emotional, social, and spiritual muscles by combining these two activities.

Yes, that is my treadmill in the picture, and the tree and blue color help me feel good in the corner. Fandango prompt is Value. Ragtag Prompt is Spring. Word of the Day is Dedicate. Your Daily Prompt is Harbinger. Also included the Opposites Attract Challenge# 26 from The Haunted Wordsmith: plethora and inadequacy.

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  1. Now this is Brilliant–great use of your time, energy. Getting fit while enjoying and learning from blog posts–a win-win situation. I also appreciate that you pray for bloggers–I know you must include me in those prayers, thank you so much! ❤


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