Don’t Procrastinate: Twittering Tales #130

Ginny had postponed going to visit Joanna in the hospital on Tuesday. She planned to go and talk with her on Wednesday. But, Joanna died Tuesday night. All that Ginny needed to say will go unspoken for eternity. She only hopes that her sister knew that she loved her.

(268 Characters)

Written for Twittering Tales #130 from Kat Myrman. A story from the photo prompt of 280 characters or less. Photo Credit: Marc Schafer at

6 thoughts on “Don’t Procrastinate: Twittering Tales #130

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    1. This was my story. My sister died and I adopted her four children. I would have loved one more conversation. IO wonder if I could have convinced her to fight harder to live, but I recognize that God alone knows the number of our days.


      1. Oh I’m so sorry. What a blessing, though, that you adopted her children–in essence, she passed the baton to you, trusting they’d receive all the love and nurturing they’d need through you ❤ Yes, God alone numbers our days–that can be a huge comfort ❤ Much love to you.


  1. A heartbreaking reminder. We should always tell those we love that we do…until they get sick of hearing it even. If not, those words are the thing we most regret not saying.


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